Art exhibition by Hariko

What does nature tell us, what do the forests tell us, what do humans tell us? In every corner of the world, in every culture, folk tales and stories flourish. The ancient castle of Pettingen is no exception; within its walls, echoes of bygone tales and lingering rumors continue to captivate our senses. Based on this idea, five artists from the Hariko Ettelbrück collective have come together to weave new stories. Coming from very different backgrounds, each artist brings their own folk tales, which will intertwine and grow together with the others. Just like the Beans from the tale Jack and the Beanstalk, this collaboration aims to plant adventures, and above all, create a magical experience.

The artists

Caroline Schmit

Caroline Schmit, a multidisciplinary artist, was raised in close proximity to Luxembourgish forests, an experience that exerted a profound influence on her artistic practice. Employing a diverse range of techniques, including drawing, installation, and video, Caroline’s artworks frequently explore the realms of plants, animals, and the intricate interplay between humans and non-human entities. Through the sharing of her passion, she aims to present an inquisitive and attentive perspective on the environment.
Caroline ist the curator of the exhibition for the Pëttener Summer Nights.

Rafaela Bermond

Rafaela Bermond is a Brazilian visual artist, residing in Luxembourg. Graduated with a double degree in Visual Arts and Art Teaching from the State University of Campinas, Brazil. She considers herself an instrument of art in motion, she is a painter, photographer, illustrator and art educator. For her to achieve the impossible will take a little more time, but not much. From pioneering research in art and technology to the release of a children’s illustration book, she has a strong desire for her art to be put into practice. The most important for her is to have a good exchange with the community, to interact and to see her artwork to touch, to laugh and to bring emotions.

Natascha Gaiser

Natascha Gaiser, originally from the Black Forest, now resides in Luxembourg. She is a creative enthusiast who loves tinkering with projects and turning ideas into reality. Recently, she has developed a keen interest in Polaroid photography, embracing it as a new and exciting hobby.

Sandra Katharina Zimmer

Sandra Zimmer is a multi-talented individual who excels as an artistic technician and singer. She channels her creativity into producing diverse and unique candles, crafting their shapes and molds herself. In the realm of painting, her works take on an abstract, intuitive, and organic nature.

José Luis Palomino

José Louis Palomino, a Peruvian artist, embraces the vibrant and captivating world of Pop Art. His creations exude joy, strength, and a burst of colors that captivate the viewer’s attention. While José explores a diverse range of techniques, his preferred medium is acrylic painting. Additionally, he is passionate about socially engaged art, using his talent to shed light on important social issues and spark meaningful conversations.